Judita Grubliene. Singing The Song of Your Journey

I know that You Are

And want me to be –

The Word of Your lips

And the light of Your heart.

The rain of God over the rivers –

A transforming Truth.

The  relentlessly dissolving time

In the seconds of everyday life is running out.

Both – hope and loneliness – hold

The feather of angel – divine hand.

Singing The Song of Your Journey

You are the cradle of life

Standing in the centre of Universe

With a crown of eternal glory

On you head,

Holding a new life on you hands

Gently sqeezing it to your heart.

A roaring dragon of lie under your feet.

You are entrusted

With the preservation of life

And the truth

You are entrusted to treat

A wounded hearts and souls

Comfort the suffering

To inspire hope to those

Who have lost it

Teach to love and forginveness

A ray of heart light to illuminate

The darkness

Because you are created from light

You are meant to carry and share the light

You are the gate of life

You are the sward of truth

You are the keeper of light

Standing in the centre of Universe

Singing the song

Of your journey.

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