A plane tree and a plank. Ali Jafaroglu(Aliyev)

A Story

                                                          (A story)

They cut the wild nut tree in the forest. After they cut the branches off it, they shaved its trunk on a planing machine. They made doors and windows from the pieces of plank.

The workers loaded the wooden materials onto the lorry and took them to a nice house. After some time the doors and windows of the building were made, and decorated glass was cut according to the size of the window frames. When the frames were painted with red paint they began to glitter under the rays of the sun. The house looked very nice! The people passing by stopped at the house and enjoyed looking at the nice building.

A plank which had once been a wild nut tree in the forest, and then had been turned into pieces of wood, watched the high plane tree, the top of which could reach up to the sky. The plank looked at the leaves and trunk of the plane tree enviously. After a momentary silence it turned to the plane tree.

“Hey, plane tree, all who see you praise your beauty, grandiosity and your shadow. If only I were you!”, said the plank.

The plane tree was lost in thought. It looked in the direction from where the voice was coming, looked at the wooden frame, and asked.

“Why do you ask, plank? Aren’t you happy in your house? ”

The plank stared at the plane tree sorrowfully. It was so sad that the plane tree began to comfort it.

“Why don’t you speak? Tell me, what happened to you?”

“Once I was also a high tree; my top could touch the clouds. I was the charm of the forest. Nightingales settled on my branches, children played in my shadow, and people laughed underneath me. What a pity that I can’t live those days anymore. Now there is no sign of my old charm. I have turned to an ordinary plank.”

When the nut tree finished talking it sighed deeply.

The plane tree shook its head.

“Hey, plank! Are you grieving for these? I was surprised by what has happened to you. Don’t grieve! Do you think all the trees will remain where they are? Even Mother Nature changes her appearance. The seasons replace each other, nature is lost in winter’s dream, then it awakens in spring, when all around is covered with flowers. All around is green. But in autumn the cold winds blow and the yellow leaves fall on the ground. Have you forgotten all of this?”

“No, I haven’t forgotten,” the plank said.

The plane tree continued.

“You know that human beings don’t live forever. They also pass away when it is time.  Old people die and babies are born. The people whom I have known have become old, and their children have become adults,” the plane tree said, and pointed to the young trees.

“These young trees were planted recently. They are fed with water, air, sunlight, and grow when people care for them. The day will come and these young trees will also be as tall as me. They will be the charm of the forest and will give people joy. Some of them won’t grow; they will become dry. That is why I advise you not to feel sorry for yourself, my dear!”

“Who will need me? Nobody needs me anymore. Nobody will love me,” the plank said hopelessly.

The plane tree looked at the plank and said.

“I think you should be happy that you bring warmth to the house. Once you were a blessing for the forest, but now you are a blessing to the house. You know, people come to look at you! They admire you, they love you! That is why they painted you. But still I don’t know how my end will be. Maybe they will cut me and use me as firewood; maybe I shall become dry and mix with the soil.”

After hearing the words of the plane tree the nut tree became calm, and began to look around with a smile.

Translator Sevil Gulten

Editor Jonathan Campion

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