Cathie Cayros. Autumn arabesques.

Autumn. The word itself brings back memories, stirs up feelings and wraps you up in the charm of the secret of being. Autumn truly deserves her golden crown of the greatness of mother nature. She is shining and glistening with all colours. Like a noble lady, she is gorgeous and full of dignity and pride, wisdom and passion. The undisputable beauty of autumn has been glorified by poets for centuries. Her crown is decorated with rubies and pearls. Moonlight and sunlight are playing in the abundance of her precious stones, radiating magic rays, illuminating and mesmerizing everything around. A wonder of wonders, winning hearts and leaving her rainbow trace, ever-changing, day after day. Very soon she will give her power away, and the throne will be empty. Now she invites you to her residence: look at me, admire me, enjoy me. Take some of my charm and my maturity. The generosity of autumn and her gifts are priceless. They are graceful and aromatic. They carry scents of muscat, cinnamon and saffron – a whole bunch of spices.


A light breeze blows, and the first leaves start their debut dance, a trembling waltz, soaring in the air. They whirl around each other, embracing their partners’ slim waists and enjoying the gentle scent. The wind tosses the yellow leaves around, sending them high into the air and throwing them back down to earth. The wind is an experienced partner in dance. Countless generations of fragile stems were squeezed in his arms. Gentle and playful, he is waltzing and blowing their minds, alluring them into the swirl. And then, rogue and stormy, insistent and uncompromising, he commits an outrage for all, all in one heap. He blows the fallen leaves off to the road where they are sentenced to death, or make a masterpiece, turning them into an unbelievably beautiful carpet with morning dew on it, shining like a thousand diamonds. The leaf fall is an integral part of autumn, just like the ice drift in spring, just like the star fall in August, or a snowstorm in January, it is a decoration, a musical goodbye, rustling in the wind.


The charmer is not immune to love. The air vibrates, saturated with emotions, sensuality and desire. The autumn beauty knows that her time is running out, and she should enjoy every second of her life, here and now. She gives her warmth and tenderness with all her heart. She holds you tight not to let you forget these sweet days before the next autumn comes. The crystal clear streams of rain are running down like tears, making your heart sad because it’s time to say goodbye. But it is never the last goodbye. Autumn always says: I will see you soon. Glorifying the steadiness of Creation, she gives us hopes and strengthens our faith that everything goes back and repeats itself again and again.




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