Born on March 30, 1970 in Ankara

He is married and has two children.

He collected many pictures and documents belonging to Atatürk (He created a collection of Atatürk paintings consisting of 45 thousand paintings.)

In December 2017, he entered the publishing life with a 600-page encyclopedic work in two volumes called “O’nun Yolunda”.

“Sardinian Time Poetry Anthology” in August 2018,”Pomegranate Short Story and Poetry Selections” in August 2019,In August 2020, he prepared and published the book “Anadolu Rüzgârı-I- A Selection of Story and Poetry”. In August 2020, he published his first poetry book, “Inside Came”.In June 2021, he prepared and published the book “Anatolian Wind-II- Story and Poetry Selection”.His poems “Turkish World Poetry Selections 3-4” were published.Weekly columns are published in digital media.He actively participates in activities and takes part in the Karşıyaka branch of the Kemalist Thought Association.It organizes musical poetry concerts called “Poetry Where We Go There” and story-poetry days, panels, interviews and concerts in Izmir and the surrounding cities.He is the founding president of Anadolu Rüzgârı Culture Art Event Platform.His articles are published in the journal “UNENDING QUEST” published in India and he works as an international research editor. He is preparing the international poetry anthology “WORLD POTRY ANTHOLOGY” and “ANATOLIAN WIND -IV- short story poetry selections”.



There’s a lot, man

you don’t know

Your nose is still in the air, don’t go!

Need a way out

on unknown horizons

new hope new enthusiasm

No doubt

There’s a lot, man

In this universe…

Don’t say I’m wise, knowIn

the light of science that you don’t know

You fall into bottomless pits

You hope, you hope too

What hand reaches


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