Buket Işıkdogan KÖSE

Buket Işıkdogan KÖSE


Buket was born in Kocaeli Gölcük /Turkey in 1969,  graduated from Anadolu University Open Education FacultyDepartment of Business Administration.

She published her first poetry book BUKETÇE in 2016 and her second poetry book İMBATIM MAVI in 2020 .

Her poetry book GÖÇEBE RUHLAR DURAĞI in 2021.

Buket writes for current magazines such as SporLife , Devir  and local newspapers . She presents Bouquet Bouquet Poetries program at Wesidamedia TV, also writes for the newspaper Life in the Aegean.

Her articles are published every month in hello magazine.The international research editor of the unending quest magazine.



Unfortunately, violence against women, children and animals has begun to emerge as a universal problem.Women are subjected to rape, violence, torture; brutally murdered. We wake up almost every day with the death and slaughter of women!Because of the society’s view of women, insufficient education, and non-deterrent punishments, such news has not come down from headlines.Dressing or not dressing, speaking or not speaking, being silent or not, saying yes or no, making love or not having sexis being made a tool of unjust provocation discount ; also when you put on a suit and tie you seem like reliable person . With the good behavior discount, you just checked out, after a few years, you’re out!A woman cannot dress as she wants, cannot enter the house late, cannot laugh loudly, cannot talk on the phone for long periods of time, cannot take a shower whenever she wants… it is possible to multiply these examples.   Violence is being made to appear right and justified by religious, traditional prejudices, gender discriminatory policies and unfortunately by the law! It is argued that women who have been subjected to physical, verbal and sexual violence do not deserve this.   Women are subjected to violence not only at home, but also at work, on the streets and in almost every area.Elimination of violence against women and its consequences will be made possible with the cooperation of the state, political, civil and official institutions.

It is another irony that women seeking their rights are battered by the police. Violence against women is included in the law as a human rights violation but the process of putting legal regulations into social life takes time. It is necessary to produce and implement bureaucratic solutions that will facilitate the implementation of the enacted laws.

We all know that the main reason for violence against women is the male-dominated perspective. Many things are changing in the world ; but sexual, psychological, economic and physical violence against women does not.   Femicide and violence against women will be solved by women in the world and in our country. We must prepare our children as conscious individuals for life. We must protect them from the strong and dangerous seeds sown by the weak links of society. Let’s not forget that;

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  1. Sevgili Buket hem görselinle hem duruşunla hem yazının içeriği ile kutluyorum seni. Daha nice verimli, donanımlı, başarılı yazılara, yapıtlara…

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