Writer (poetry-writing), program, producer, presenter and trainer (Pilates Method)

Gamze was born on October 16, 1974 in Izmir. Graduated from 9 Eylül Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration.

She got married in 2004 and had a daughter from this marriage.

Gamze Gürel, who started her education life in the field of exercise in 2011, started to give exercise training lessons, called Pilates Method, professionally in 2014.

In 2015, she received Theater Education for five years within the body of the Izmir Chamber of Industry (EBSOV) Women’s Union Foundation and acted as a theater actress for social projects.Her first poetry book, Crazy Times, was published in 2013.The work, BEING MY SEBEBİM, was published as a poem and essay in 2016.In 2020, he published his poetry book named AY SARMALI.She has been writing for newspapers and magazines since 2015 and worked as a columnist in Yakamoz Newspaper, Haber Hürriyet, Ben Haber, A Türk Newspaper. Her works are published in the magazines: Magazin İzmir, Spor life, Asklepion, Devir, Nif Sanat, Ege Sanat, Poetry Cistern, Karabuk Student Board, Cyprus Art Newspaper.Cantürk first prepared and presented a program on the art, culture and health program BEN TV Channel, then continued  programs on the ATürk Haber channel.Egede Yaşam Culture Platform is a member of the International Union of Activist Artists, BESAM (Professional Association of Owners of Science and Literature Works).Received the Press Award from TURFAD (Turkish Footballmen Association) in 2021.Gamze Cantürk is a columnist for Yenigün Newspaper, Ege Ajans and Ege’de Yaşam newspapers.Gamze Cantürk, who is also one of the partners of Startkey Puzzle Real Estate Consultancy; simultaneously engaged in investment and financial consultancy and real estate purchases and sales.




 In the world we live in, all of us have forgotten to feed our souls, whether it is because of the living conditions brought by technology, mind games, money greed and our greedy superficiality towards visuality.     Today, the fact that psychological drugs and psychologists make a premium (come in fashion) proves this.   Now think about it, what would you do in a world where money and visual aesthetics do not matter. Stop the buts, just imagine your real self in the mirror, without a mask!. What is your real goal in this world, why are you living!People usually tend to run away from things that are good for them. I guess because they take whatever is good for them into their souls. Because they take them to the “ONE” to a part of the whole. We don’t like this thought, our egos do not allow ourselves.What do you think, all these artists obsessively try to present their unique melody to the universe all night long!Our lost in life is the reason why we don’t listen to our souls, that’s why all the creative brain is lost in the rush of life..There is a mythological story;The gods were gathered together, watching the creatures on earth. Regardless of the reason for their existence, and moreover, when they had such a limited time on earth, they were amazed at the meaningless things they did. Then they sat and discussed among themselves why for days. For example, these pigs. They couldn’t understand why these creatures called pigs were struggling in the mud.In the end, the Gods sent one of their gods to the earth as a pig to understand why the pigs were struggling in the mud.The appointed God would be born from the womb of a pig mother and would live on earth as a pig for a while. Then he would come to those who were God like him and explain the purpose of the pigs to roll in the mud.And so it was. The God they chose was born to earth from a pig mother. When they got a little older, they went to the mud pond with the others. At first, he smelled the mud, a little disgusted, then got used to it. For days he rolled around in the mud with the other pigs.While the other Gods were waiting for him in curiosity and impatience, the God who came down to earth in the guise of a pig forgot his duty and continued to roll and play in the mud, so much so that he did not even hear the other Gods calling out from above.The God who descended to the earth in the form of a pig must have hoped for his purpose, that the gods had to end his life and separate him from the earth.This is how human beings are.. We don’t know!. Instead of sensing and producing, feeling our purity, intelligence, creativity, in short, our divinity in our first born state, we are rolling with comparisons, egos, envy, grudges, wars, dissatisfaction with other mortals..We don’t know! We forget our purpose of existence and our true happiness. We forget our divine power and get lost in this mud realm called the earth. Gamze CANTÜRK


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