My heart is always ready to love
Just one spark
just one hope
melody from the radio
excitement inside me
in insomnia
your heart ahhh your heart
mine as much as i can
where is your heart


My eyes

always get to see you
Reach for the stars
every star is you
as far as i can see
whether you are or not
If you stay behind the mountains
Wherever you look you and your silhouette
your eyes ahhh those eyes
as far as i can see
where are your eyes


Your hands

always in my hands
at the touch
in touch
as i feel
with my warmth
your hands ahhh those hands
as long as i can hold
where are your hands



Oh those lips
Intoxicated by the floating words
in the silence of the night
I kiss your voice
Your lips
no matter how far
kisses your voice
I can hear your warmth.
Your lips ahhh those lips
kiss me as much as i can
where are your lips

I’ve never had a poem like you
Like you
It’s a poem
heart heart face like you
like love
like love
like you
Like you
I’ve never had a poem
like you
Like you
Only you
Ahhh it’s you
enchanting all night
Where are you

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