Should a woman stay in the family and stay at home, or should she join the society and become a productive entrepreneur?
It was for the family, our women and girls, whom we were most fond of protecting from a young age. Our women and girls, whom we put under taboos, so that they can never do what they should do as they want. We never question whether this is normal or an abnormal attitude.

Wasn’t our country one of the first in the world to give women the right to vote and be elected? Or was it not our religion that said that heaven lies under the feet of mothers? If they have equal rights in electing and being elected, why are we in a state administration under the hegemony of men? Why do we not treat women equally in politics, why do we not give enough space to women in the management and administrative part. Shouldn’t we question them too? They carry all the burden of the house. If there is always a woman’s effort in raising all family members, from cleaning to dressing, from learning to work, in ensuring peace and security in the family, why don’t we take this more comprehensively and make it a voice in administrative administrations. If we do, they will gain self-confidence and the thought that the man is oppressive and can do whatever he wants will be taken away. Is there a fear that they will have a say and become stronger, but we do not value women as much as they should.

They have always remained in the background, whereas the most hardworking ones in producing societies are women. In non-productive societies, they are always excluded and left in the background. As a result, we are becoming a society where violence against women, rape of girls and molestation are not missing. Just like in underdeveloped countries all over the world due to educational and economic reasons.

This fact is valid not only in us but also in the whole world. Female slaves, female concubines. Bodies sold for pleasure, all because of lack of education, family pressures, social exclusion. However, if this is considered normal, if women give importance to education like men. If only women could have a say in working life like men. If only women could be in certain places in the state administration like men. Games played on women, abuses, murders of women, rapes will most likely be prevented. Everything ends in being able to live without forgetting that we are individuals. We have been so brainwashed that we have forgotten our own identities until now.

There are phrases that we have heard for years. “Women’s place is with their husbands”, “Women are mothers”, “Women should cook well and be clean”, “Women don’t work, they should stay at home and take care of their children”. Of course, women have duties, just like those attributed to men, but if you are aware, every adjective attributed to women is addictive. Dependence on your husband, dependency on your child, dependency on your home is dependency on your job even if you are forced to work.
If they are not intimidated by social pressure; They are strong enough to achieve anything when they want it wholeheartedly. A little blue can draw an endless sky. Or they can create a huge forest out of a single green, they are vibrant enough to offer many colors together. They were beaten, raped, exploited and even killed, women suffered many blows. Most of the time, they couldn’t even admit what they had been through for fear of exclusion, and they kept silent.

Let’s all say stop to this, let’s hear the individual say, let’s not pay attention to gender differences. If we are talking about equality, let’s be partners in their work. Let the man start by taking care of the housework at least as much as his wife. Afterwards, if he is dealing with trade, he will take him with him as a consultant or even as a business partner. The number of women deputies and ministers will increase in administrative administrations. Wherever a woman’s hand says, there will be cleanliness, transparency, honesty and hard work. In return, there will be a society that produces, a society that wins, economic freedom, and social peace. Violence and terrorism will be avoided.

All over the world, in the war in Russia, in the persecution in Turkmenistan. on the fronts in Syria. I celebrate the world working women’s day to all of our women who suffer in the deserts of hunger, misery and poverty in Africa, with
‘’the hope of being together with equal rights in a brighter tomorrow.’’


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