“Men are like wine. The passing years make the bad ones sour and the good ones mature.”
This is a man’sworld, this is a man’sworld
The world of men…
one of my favorite songs…
His first words as an anger-inducing woman…
The society that solved everything couldn’t solve the women…
Fear of the unknown.
Are they afraid because they can’t figure it out?
They are strong..
Are they afraid because they do not know their limits?
That’s why they created a patriarchal world…
They noticed the “woman”…
Did they postpone it because they noticed?
“Women are human, we are human beings”
The late Master Neşet obviously slammed all the complexes in the male world into their faces
with two or three words!
Are we really that strong?
Did they make us forget our strength while we were busy giving birth, taking care of our
home and cooking?
Our muscle structure is different, but we are more delicate than a man.
In our hormones, it is…
Oh, and we can create small details.
We are able to take and grow the seeds that men scatter, which are useless on their own.
We can nurture the creature we raised inside us for nine months and give birth with painful
Our pain threshold has been strengthened by our creativity.
Then we have feelings. Our supernatural feelings that men cannot understand…
We have the will! Strong will of women against the strong muscle structure of men..
That’s why God gave women the ability to give birth?
If God is just, what has he given men against the other powers of women?
–302 women in the last 324 days; murdered by their husbands, lovers and others!
Because they are not loved.
because they are afraid,
because they’re jealous,
They shut it down because they didn’t have the will!Because they were successful, they blocked, suppressed, beaten, burned, snored…
They did not look, they attacked their wombs!
They did not teach, they cheated, they crushed…
As if all men all over the world came together…
They say;
One day, Genghis Khan (founder of the Mongolian Empire) gathered all his khans with him.
He sat his wife on his right side.
He said to his khans:
–I am Genghis Khan, Khan of the Khans! And pointing to his partner next to him
_This is my “HAN”!
After that day, all Hans started to address their wives as “madam”.
There is a sequel to the song I mentioned at the beginning of the article.
“Nothingwithout a womanor a girl”
“There is nothing without a woman or a girl”
No love, no being loved, no mother, no children, so no father…
No inn, no bath!

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