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” Each person, in their existence, can have 2 attitudes: build or plant. Builders can take years in their tasks, but one day they finish what they were doing. Then they stop, and are limited by their own walls. Life loses meaning when the construction is finished.
But there are those who plant. These sometimes suffer with storms, seasons, and rarely rest. But unlike a building, the garden never stops growing. And at the same time that it demands the gardener’s attention, it also allows life to be one big adventure for him. Gardeners will recognize each other, because they know that in the history of each plant is the growth of the entire Earth.
“Flange”. Pulo Coelho.

Rapidly advancing populations and settlements that continue to grow at the same rate. Residential units that grow exponentially as the need for residential units increases.

It has now become a nightmare. Starting with one-story barracks, first two- or three-storey houses, then apartments, skyscrapers. Our cities have begun to create visual pollution, freaking buildings stretching out among the beauties. Their friendship in the streets, in the neighborhoods, ended their friendship. We have become societies that do not know each other even though they live in the same building. One by one, we move away from the values ​​we have for the sake of concretization and rent.

When we went to the countryside, the products planted with a new appetite every year on the vast plains would be enough for the whole world, but thanks to the freak skyscrapers, they started to disappear in green areas in agricultural areas. While we were a society proud of what it produces, we have become societies that are dependent on the outside and ready-made, away from productivity.

Every sapling we planted in our green areas became a tree, it was not enough to be, it gave fruit, gave seeds, gave self-replicating shoots. It grew by cutting it from the corner from the edge with pruning. It became a shadow for some of us and a home for others. Hundreds of living things came to life on and on its roots. Although we know all this, why is it to attack these trees brutally, cut, burn and destroy.

Let’s go back to the essence of our subject, let’s question ourselves first. Concretization and uneven settlement do not cause profit, but harm human beings and continue to do so. then we will make the moisture, we will produce, we will produce. If we want to increase the level of social development and welfare, we will support agriculture, land, green and production, there is no other way.

Let’s be gardeners in our cities full of constructions, buildings, and take care of the garden, because there will always be a seed to plant, a flower to care for, a tree to feed, and a fruit to collect.

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