Through the watch


I’ve always wondered about the movements of the SHORTER and MINOR in the watch.

They keep adjusting the movements of the sun to the day.

 In fact, their movements are simple, they constantly rotate in the same direction.

But for people, the meaning of every moment of that turning movement is different. Joy, happiness, hugs, reconciliations, meetings, separations, goodbyes…

It is in the rotational movement. SCORPIO squirms quietly once in a while.

 For him, the result is important. It puts the final point.

YELKOVAN runs like a racehorse, with full reins, without stopping. Because there is no stop.It is abundant like rain. It keeps time from one end and connects it to life. Life is blessed with the minute hand.The scorpion is captive to the rotation of the minute hand. He built his life on his work. Although the rush of the minute hand tires the hour hand, its rule begins with the minute hand.Every time we look at the clock, we look for the scorpion. Scorpio is no kidding, things get messy when he hangs around. Even if the minute hand gives a little break, the scorpion puts the last point..The steps of the minute hand are punctual. The minute hand works like an ant.Scorpio is scorpion. The two are an inseparable wonderful couple.


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