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Neringa Ablingytė

Neringa Ablingyte I was born in in April in 1975 in green and silent village next to the lake in Lithuania. I am samogitian and I feel really proud of it. Samogitia or Žemaitija is one of the five ethnographic regions of Lithuania. People there is hardworking, sometimes stubborn, determinate , short of words, but good and kind, strongly connected with the nature. From small age I spend loads of time in the grandfathers and grandmother’s farm, in the nature. Nature was my first teacher and first best friend. There I realize that something mysterious, big and loving surrounding us, some big power, and I felt I am part of it. It was big secret and big joy for me. Can you imagine 2 - 3 years old girl who singing for everyone in her way ( even for the flowers), who speaking with animals and believe they can understand. I that time I felt that everything is possible, that everything in this world is connected, that each and everyone is unique, wonderful and perfect creature and worth to be the best version of itself. I still believe in it. It's became my life platform. My mom is really strong and kind women, full of light and love, she wanted me to be securing in this world, and she wanted me to be "normal" to ensure that I am going to survive in the world where a lot of negative things is. She knows that I am sensitive and sometimes can't understand how people can be bad for each other. Unfortunately we can't protect our kids, we can give the ground for them, ground of love, but they must to learn by themselves. And I learned. Still learning. Bad and good, hard and easy, I been wounded like everyone in this life, but also I had and still having perfect healing, because this power, who created me, newer left me. I got wonderful connection with my sister, who accepting me as I am, who teaches me till now, and who is the best my friend. I am happy and lucky, because I got loads of my soul mates and any distances, any periods of time can't separate us. Even the death can't separate you from your loved ones. We lost our father long time ago, but he still everywhere in my life. He was a forester and carpenter, he was the best teacher who all the time wanted me to know more about the nature and how to sense it. Even when I behaved silly, he had a strong faith in me, as my mom too. And it's the best gift what they can give me. In school time, even in the last few years, I went in national songs and dance club, and it was a chance for me to touch my country’s spirit even deeper, through the songs, rituals, dances. In similar club I went in my university, and it was great possibility not just to dance, sing, but those different countries, to participate in conference in Norway, where we 2 weeks had a chance to discus about how kids is connected with the culture in North Europe. For me as a student to go in this conference it was something similar like to win Grammy Awards When I finis school, I wanted to go in acting, but for some reasons became a nursery practitioner and primary school teacher. When I did my bachelor degree, I decide to go in masters degree in education and became Social educator. As social educator you work with people who for some reason cannot manage their lives without support. This can be people with a disability, nursery children or people who are looked after by social services or just got difficulties with adaptation I started to work in school where my dream come truth was. I been responsible for kids’ behaviour, attendance, free school meal, all the social situations who can't be resolved without help, I have been consultant and moderator. There I had my teacher too. As you know, teacher is coming when pupil is ready. Head teacher of the school Juozas Milasius became a teacher and second father to me. Great musician, languages teacher, active and determinate, he became a great leader for me and I am going to remember it for the rest of my life. Actually I can write down loads of names and surnames of people, who been inspiration in my life, and I will do it, but I guess not now and not here I spend in this school 7 happiest years in my life. With some teenagers we create youth theatre "Gaja" and had three seasons of perfect performances in different schools and community halls, we participate in youth theatre competitions and win. I still feel so proud of hard work of my kids, who now already and adult people with bright lives. Second season we did Alessandro Baricoo "Silk" and it was something amazing what I would like to repeat again. In the same time by leading of Juozas Milasius I became Company commander in Lithuanian Riflemen's Union, Samogitia 8th Rifle Squad, Plungė 6th Company. In my Company I had around 50 youth and it was so great opportunity to touch the lives of young people by teaching them patriotism, love for home country, to learn military things, to pass the trainings, what it was not easy at all. Afterwards, later in life, I had a chance to work in kids’ shelter, socialisation centre, youth’s day centres; I became volunteer in Order of Malta Relief Organisation in Lithuania, volunteer and manager in charity organisation "Caritas". I had great opportunities to meet amazing and inspiring people with big hearts and conscious minds and learn from them. What about poetry, music, drawing and painting? Poetry is the music of words, it is my identity, my language, my habit and my ground. The most interesting paradox is that when it seems to you that you are creating poetry, it is actually creating you. Poetry shapes your worldview, deeper and so close to the meaning of the concepts of humanity, world, and heaven, that it rises above everything, all personalities, domesticities disappearing somewhere between being and non-being, and you see yourself, others, and everything around you through the God's eyes. There is what poetry means to me. Poetry is the music of words that created me. I guess I was born like an artist and poet. All the time I felt power to create. From the small age I felt power of words, sounds and use to keep it inside me. When I was small and when I used to be ill in the bed, my mom used to give me to read poems. I use to sing them! It was amazing! I liked that feeling of harmony between words and music and find out those even words without melody - its music already. Everything in this world is music of colours, sounds, words, emotions, feelings. This discovery encouraged me to create my first poem when I was 7 years old and from that time I never stop to do it. My family is quite talented in music; my cousins went in music school and played piano very well. I had no chance to go in music school because of my illnesses in childhood, but my cousin was the best teacher, and I started my journey with piano. It was just basics, but it gave me chance to create some miniatures, but because of the lack of knowledge in music I couldn't write it down. But I wrote it down in my memory, and it's still there . I all the time was white bird in black birds company, that's mean everyone thought I am different, it was a reason why I started to hide my world from others, because I thought everyone can do it, and can do even better than me, so my poems and songs became real just on the paper. But you can't hide yourself for ages. When I was 18 and I went I University, I started to play guitar, and till now it is ( or maybe she is ) one from my dearests friends, my helper when I feel sad, my companion when I am happy. Guitar helping to connect words with the melody and create something amazing. When I came in England, I came together with my daughter Rusne. She is 14 now. She is talented digital artist, she is creating amazing things and I hope one day she is going to show her beauty for all the world. I came in England almost without English language, I newer had a chance to have any courses, so I just pushed myself out from comfort zone ( I was working in Lithuanian nursery in London and I had my housemates Lithuanian too), I change my job in Health care assistant, and started new learning process again. It was amazing trip, amazing people around, but also louds of pressure and stress. But it's nothings when you are determined to learn. I this 5 years here I learned a lot - step by step I am starting to create songs in English, I still working as health care assistant, but in my free time I working as kids and adults birthdays and parties entertainer, painting, creating poems, songs, step by step recording my First album in Lithuanian, getting ready to publish my personal poetry book in Lithuanian. Also last summer I my studies in university and doing Business management bachelor degree. Why I am working as Health care assistant? I don't know. I just can't stand how I need to encourage someone, who is in trouble it is in my nature. I care, I love, in can't be indifferent. How I went in Business management, its often question people giving to me, because they all the time describing me as an artist, teacher, creator and business management sounds so dry and properly disconnected from creativity. It's not truth. Creativity is everywhere, and we have no limitations, we can reach whatever we want, and I went to study because I need knowledge, I need foundation, who going to help me to reach my goal - create something what last, place, where people can reach their potential in creativity. But this idea still just in my mind, and need time to grow. People also asking how I am creating (music, songs, poems, paints, theatre performances or simply spontaneously performing with the kids) I can't answer. I am not doing it, I am just jumping in this amazing flow of energy and power and copying it from there. And I believe, that we just need to broke our blocks and then everyone can do it. We are creators, we are amazing, and for everyone, who going to read it, I want to tell you. Directly in your heart. You are mazing, you are unique and loved, loved as you are, and doesn't matter in which stage of your journey you are - shine with all your colours, all you beauty, because it’s nothing more worth than life and light in your eyes and soul. Don't listen when someone stopping you or calling you strange or trying to make you more compatible for those standards what they live with. You are in your stage, in your speed, in your own journey. Keep going!

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