Buket Isikdoga Kose. Love, habit, passion?

William James said, “Our whole life is but a pile of habits.”   I read it in an article.   “Habit is a behavioral cover that creates its own paths in our brains, repeated over time, just as water flows and carves its own bed,” he said.   We actually acquire habits very early. Our family first and then our environment teach us this. They write a scenario within the framework of social rules and give it to us and we are expected to comply with it. We think this is very normal and we start to make new habits ourselves. Over time, we saw that we were going to manage them, and our habits started to manage us. Maybe that’s why we get tired of living so quickly. That’s why we get away from being ourselves.Charles Duhingg Quote: “Habits are not destiny. It says it can be changed”   I am of the opinion that habits are more dangerous addictions than drugs. Because, drugs can be cured for those who want to get rid of…   So why can’t we change our habits, even though we know they’re hurting us?   The main reason why I want to write about this subject is the marriages that lasted for many years. In fact, both parties are tired of this marriage, there is no excitement, no sharing, no understanding. But, in this life that is given a chance to live once, why do they wait for each other until they die?   The relationships we make with the people we take into our lives turn into habits over time, that’s for sure, but it seems dangerous to me that it becomes an addiction…   Love or addiction?Love, habit, passion?   We have habits that we have acquired, and these habits also want to find a place in our marriage. These habits of spouses affect their marriage positively or negatively. In order to avoid these situations that will create wounds in the minds of the spouses, it is necessary to form the habit of making joint decisions while making decisions.   In fact, marriages are made with psychological impositions before people and loves mature, before common goals and values ​​are formed. The problem is already here.   “Love is not an emotion. Love is not a passion. Love is the deep understanding that someone has somehow completed you.” OSHO   Towards a life where habits, addictions and love are not mixed…   Let’s end our article with a poem he wrote for his wife by commemorating our esteemed theater actor Yıldız Kenter with respect. With mercy, gratitude and respect…


My mind is mixed with the sea like salt
One is your crush, one is your enemy.
I don’t have your heart in my palm, I keep it secret.
One is your crush, one is your enemy.
My heart succumbed to the waves,
Sails are my mast on the shabby ground
My heart bowed to the tides.
One is your crush, one is your enemy.
I’m a lover in a dilapidated boat
The heart is in the whirlpool, on the life rock.
you are the sun of july in december
One is your crush, one is your enemy.
Yıldız Kenter

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