Ahmet Kurt. Technology and shopping addiction

In fact, there is no difference between the victory of the people and the victory of the states. If we look at what has happened in the last hundred years, we can see examples of these. In the second world war, there was no state that did not fight in Europe, the Middle East and Asia were always in wars for years and still continue, they have never had a stable administration, America has come to different dimensions with the north-south wars, but there is only one goal in all of them, fighting for the interests of the country. they were able to come together and fight strong.

How many countries have benefited from all these wars and in what way, how many countries have gained power and power with the right administration is obvious with examples. We do not need to write down how many of the 208 countries in the world were able to achieve this, we do not need to write down one by one, too few countries to exceed the number of fingers have dominated the whole world, and others have been their source of nutrition. Those who are advancing with the right management and confident steps; both in agriculture and industry, by using the resources of underground and aboveground beauties, by using some of their positions and positions. Some have taken their place among the giants of the world by using their technology and brains. Others, on the other hand, have become a huge group of crowded countries, which are held captive by their deeds, and a group of countries that are destined to decline and lose each passing day, and they continue to be.For example, we see that technology producing countries do not even use these products in their own countries, while they enslave other countries with what they do. Games on tablets, computers and phones prevent people from producing by entering their subconscious minds, and they have started to waste their time instead of producing. It wasn’t enough to prevent them from thinking healthy, it even caused them to be doomed to always be behind others because they constantly consume what they cannot produce. I’m afraid that the time will come, there will be no individuals who do not use glasses due to this technology addiction disease in all countries other than the countries that produce this technology. There will be no individuals who do not receive psychological treatment. There will be societies that can’t think and always consume, and these will create internal unrest and conflicts that will bring the whole society together, on the condition that it starts with the family first.It is necessary to look at other dimensions that are more dangerous than the technology dimension, in fact, the countries that are captured by shopping and irregular food and tried to be destroyed.No power is capable of destroying authoritarian and stable governments in any way. But they play such games that no one wants to believe it. Everyone has a livelihood and financial management and a way of making a living . But let’s face it, there are so many advertisements on shopping websites on phones, tablets, computers and televisions that go into our house. If you do not fall into this trap in that house, your spouse will fall. If he does not fall, your children somehow fall into this trap because they always watch the same things, and a simple shopping that is not in the account will cause you to have trouble in your budget. The child is ignorant, you want to close your lesson, but if you make it a habit, you will not be able to pay your credit cards at the end of the month.These shopping sprees are not limited to consumer durables or clothing. there is also the food aspect of it, burgers are like sandwiches. While it was a society that provided its needs for eating and drinking with healthy foods at home for centuries, it increased the financial burdens and started to deteriorate our health, with the urge to reach even the ready meal. It has also fueled the obesity disease, which has left its mark on the last century all over the world.If we want to live healthy. If we do not want to be the obese society that we see from many countries one day. If we do not want to lose our family due to financial and moral difficulties. If we do not want to lose our friends and if we want to protect our homeland. We must protect ourselves from unnecessary expenditures in shopping sites, eating and drinking sites, which are the games of foreign countries, and return to our core for a healthy life.



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