Abdumominov Abdulloh. Thieves of time.

Abdumominov Abdulloh. 13 years old writer from  school No. 102, Shayhantahur district, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Thieves of time (Story) My name is Doniyor. My neighbour Abdullah and I have become close friends. One day we couldn't find any way to have fun.  We had no goal.  We didn't know what to do. When we were making something from a piece of wood, my father suddenly woke up.  His eyes were half open when he said: “ Hey, thieves of time! Are you wasting your time?” I didn't understand the meaning of my father's "time thieves" at all. I wanted […]

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Eugeny Khokhriakov. New life of Senya the chipmunk.

Fear has big eyes A little chipmunk called Senya was wandering through the forest in search of a home. Of course, he already had somewhere to live – his parents had a small hole under a large pine stump. There they have food, a bedroom, and everything else that they needed. But every year young chipmunks have to begin to live on their own. Senya knew that if the whole family stayed in the same hole, there wouldn’t be enough room for everyone. After all, every year he had more and more brothers and sisters… So, Senya went […]

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The exam problem. Arkady Averchenko – classic

When the teacher had dictated the problem out loud, everyone had written it down and the teacher, pulling out his watches, had announced that twenty minutes are granted for solving the problem, Simon Pantaliky scratched his round little head with his hand speckled with ink and told himself: – If I won’t solve this problem, I’m dead… […]

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