Svajūnas Daškevičius. Senility

Stooping, deaf in the ageing hours Hobbling towards the house of God Through streets of strewn flowers, Nearer to your own you trod. And your eyes lift to the skies, A mysterious new space, Where the souls of ancestors rise – Wait, it’s not yet your place. Stooping, deaf and on your own, Disappearing into the mist. The silent evening prayer alone, The melting candle unmissed. […]

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David William Perry. My Stargate of Sexualities

As a teenager astonished by starry tales, I became a Manichaean fractal remoulded by Light Which illuminated my stargate of sexualities; Or rather a rightful continuum of love and flesh Instead of being a merely binary Being Who admired Green muscle on attractive Jovians Like a real alternative to a Black or White fandom That involved no shades of alien desire While passing through bodily antinomies. So, between such relativities as birth and death And truth and religion and time and conscience, Which surrounded my passion inside others, I learnt through magazines recounting marvels To question who we said […]

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Neringa Ablingytė. I will not save the world

I will not save the world – It will go on growing and sometimes stray, In pain or premortal agony, Until someone picks it up again – A toy dropped by a child. I will remember everything, A tear will roll away, Life will become clear again… And I… I will lie by the sea, Buried in the sand, Looking up – The sky and me are one. […]

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Judita Grubliene. Singing The Song of Your Journey

I know that You Are And want me to be – The Word of Your lips And the light of Your heart. The rain of God over the rivers – A transforming Truth.The  relentlessly dissolving time In the seconds of everyday life is running out. Both – hope and loneliness – hold The feather of angel – divine hand. Singing The Song of Your Journey You are the cradle of life Standing in the centre of Universe With a crown of eternal glory On you head, Holding a new life on you hands Gently sqeezing it to your heart. […]

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