Anna Halberstadt. ODE TO OLD TREES

On Adamson Road in Londonstands an old sycamore with powerful branches,younger tree trunks looklike a bouquet of treesor of arms votingor a creaturereaching out to God in a prayera gesture of despair.People mutilate and kill treesbecause they envy their longevitytrees outliving people in relative peace,if lucky,birds nesting in their foliagesquirrels hiding their suppliesin the hollows.Trees had been used for hangingduring revolutionsand killing infants during the Holocaust.And yet they remain standingyears laterwitnessing crimes silentlybut also, children running and laughingplaying Hide and Seek under them.Gourmands searching for precious Boletus mushroomsin velvet mosscouples whispering words of endearmentand secretly matingin their cool and […]

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Victoria Levin. Those Words that I Wanted to Say

Those Words that I Wanted to Say   She pressed the button of the car player once again. She had already heard this song many times, remembered the first phrase: “Those words that I wanted to say …” She liked its melody, but there was no wish to catch the meaning of the lyrics. The unfamiliar language did not yet reveal to her all its nuances. She understood casual conversational language without difficulty. There was, undoubtedly, no problem with the professional, that is, technical terms. But the song lyrics somehow passed her by, not touching her stiff, hardened heart. […]

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SOUR SOCIETY “Men are like wine. The passing years make the bad ones sour and the good ones mature.” Cicero This is a man'sworld, this is a man'sworld The world of men… one of my favorite songs… His first words as an anger-inducing woman… The society that solved everything couldn't solve the women… Fear of the unknown. Are they afraid because they can't figure it out? They are strong.. Are they afraid because they do not know their limits? That's why they created a patriarchal world… They noticed the “woman”… Did they postpone it because they noticed? “Women are […]

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DAZED BREEZE The dance of ice and fire Mirrored from my brush to my canvas Is this love Who can know me My tides Really Who painted my soul Was it blue Or is it an enthusiastic orange Which enchanted hand touched Which celestial power I wouldn't know Or was it the devil The owner of the fire Oh! If only I could understand The dazed breeze that runs through my hair My fingers are the great the judge Beware this is my last warning I'm waiting for you under the lights With my floral poem With my heart […]

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WHERE My heart is always ready to love Just one spark just one hope melody from the radio excitement inside me in insomnia self-absorbed your heart ahhh your heart mine as much as i can where is your heart My eyes always get to see you Reach for the stars every star is you as far as i can see whether you are or not If you stay behind the mountains Wherever you look you and your silhouette your eyes ahhh those eyes as far as i can see where are your eyes Your hands always in my hands […]

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AHMET KURT Born on March 30, 1970 in Ankara He is married and has two children. He collected many pictures and documents belonging to Atatürk (He created a collection of Atatürk paintings consisting of 45 thousand paintings.) In December 2017, he entered the publishing life with a 600-page encyclopedic work in two volumes called "O'nun Yolunda". “Sardinian Time Poetry Anthology” in August 2018,"Pomegranate Short Story and Poetry Selections" in August 2019,In August 2020, he prepared and published the book "Anadolu Rüzgârı-I- A Selection of Story and Poetry". In August 2020, he published his first poetry book, "Inside Came".In June […]

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Victor Solodchuk. A bird flies home

A bird flies home,because it feels like a needwithout feeling tired,across the open sky.And on earth hopesget mixed with curses.The bird flies over Kiev,it flies over Kherson.A lark, a stork,an oriole, a linnet.A bird flying from afardoes not expect treachery.And on earth down there –reactive volleys and threads of tracers.The bird flies over Rivno,flies over Cherkasy.Where it is going to landin that vortex– God knows.Souls circulate in a vortex,birds fly home.March 1, 2022translated by Anna Halberstadt […]

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Terane Turan Rehimli

I LEARNED IT AT THE END Finally I learned it too Getting out of the solid and empty. On top of every sadness Just an excuse to tear down. I have learned the separation Your first apartment, your last place. I knew your life was short How deep is the wisdom. I've seen every glow of it The one you put out with the pain, This is the old age of life That it turns into sugar. Just because I learned it Rendering the word. I just fell down and stood up, Let me not post it again. Finally […]

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